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Tang Weixing and Li Xuanhao reached the semi-finals of the 14th Chunlan Cup Go Championship

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At 5:00 p.m. on December 19, the quarter-finals of the 14th "'Chunlan Cup' World Professional Go Championship" (hereinafter referred to as the "Chunlan Cup") ended. The results are as follows:

Shen Zhenzhen (South Korea) defeated Ke Jie (China)

Tang Weixing (China) defeated Shen Minjun (Korea)

Li Xuanhao (China) defeated Yang Dingxin (China)

Bian Xiangyi (South Korea) defeated Li Weiqing (China)

In the game between Shen Zhenzhen and Ke Jie, Ke Jie played well in the first half of the game with white, and the situation was active, but from the 80th move, the white chess was a little chaotic, and there was a major miscalculation in the 102nd move, and the situation took a turn for the worse. Shen Zhenzhen Taking advantage of the victory to pursue, Ke Jie was forced to admit defeat in the middle game.

In the match between Tang Weixing and Shen Minxuan, Tang Weixing held white and handled every move well, while Shen Minxuan made repeated mistakes, and Tang Weixing "killed him with one blow" in the middle game.

Yang Dingxin and Li Xuanhao are both Chinese chess players. The game between the two sides was not too turbulent, but Li Xuanhao played better than Yang Dingxin, and finally won the middle game.

In the game between Bian Xiangyi and Li Weiqing, the situation between the two has been close. Li Weiqing was at a disadvantage in the first half of the game and turned it over in the second half. Lost by a narrow gap.

After the quarterfinals (1/4 finals), the semi-finals were drawn, and the matchup situation was as follows:

Tang Weixing (China) VS Byun Sang-il (Korea)

Li Xuanhao (China) VS Shen Zhenzhen (South Korea)




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